en vrac

Hi, my name is Christian Morel and I live in Geneva, Switzerland.

After many years playing bass in various bands around the local lake, I decided that 45 was the right age to design and build my own instrument. That was about... hum... almost 5-6 years ago... Guess how old I am ;-)

I dreamt of a lightweight bass that would be built using certified woods, carefully-selected components and natural finish. And that bass should also look as beautiful as the place where it was born... Well that's the story behind the name Légérie: an inspiring and beautiful experience.

My first prototypes are Walhalla (6-string) and Caprickorn (4-string). The profiles (Warwick and Rickenbacker contours, my favourite shapes!) are removable for transport and interchangeable in just a few seconds. Did you ever dream of a multi-shape bass guitar? There it is! And how does this beauty sound? Just turn the magical rotary switch on the upper left side of the body and you get 6 different characters from the smoothest Thumb to the growlier 4001. Well... that's what my ears say, and I guess they are somewhat biased ;-)

As I do care about social and environmental causes, I did my best during the whole process to apply the famous Swiss-made quality to eco-friendly building techniques, resulting in a totally new experience for the bass enthusiast.

Here I am now, with my 2 prototypes gathering dust since 2 years in my workshop, languishing to be played by inspired fingers... Why, you may ask? Well I have climbed the highest mountain I could climb alone, and I am proud to have reached its top. I would really like to have this project be taken to greater heights and become a successful product, and I have realized the better thing to do was to entrust its future to the guys that inspired me. Who are they? If you feel familiar with what you see and hear, you're probably one of them ;-)

All the best,